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We are the action for today, potential for tomorrow’s world and future generations investors, focusing on solving global challenges at the intersection of global energy transition, individual, SME, Corporate and Government's net zero carbon goals, and disruptive solutions in renewable energy, responsible and impact-oriented carbon offsetting using quantitative criteria’s as on science-based climate change targets worldwide. Through our initiatives we bring together all parties involved for a win, win situation, we are the only organization that adopts responsible carbon credit offset. Through our project E-ride, an E-Mobility initiative in Nairobi, Kenya, we are saving 64,800 Mtco2e in 3 years, creating 12,000 jobs for women to achieve gender equality in transport industry, impacting over 300,000 families, while holding each and every player in the industry responsible to their carbon footprint and at the same time compensating for the same. We are not competing with EVs player we are creating a synergy in the industry. Through resources collaboration and mobilization, sharing technology and creating syndicate for market uptake. Its not competation its all about green chain value addation! We are advocating for establishment of AFRICA E-MOBILITY CENTRE (AEMC).

Do you know your carbon footprint? Calculate your carbon footprint using this Calculator.

We are fund raising USD10M, Kindly support us through offsetting your carbon credit to us. We are in the process of getting certified by several bodies.

What we Do

E-Mobility in Africa

Assembling and production of 12,000 E-Bda, Saving 64,800Mtco2e. Absorbing 12,000 women into the transport industry in three years.

EV Charging Network

Installing 30 Solar powered Charging Network facilities in Nairobi, Nakuru, Mombasa & Kisumu. Battery Swapping stations and services.

Renewable Energy

We utilize solar power energy from production in our workshop to the end users in charging network facilities. Making services affordable and sustainable.

Carbon Offsetting

Creating a win, win situation for companies to offset their carbon footprint by supporting our project and we credit the same to their sustainability report.


E-Ride App

With our mobile app and could based system, Ride Hailing Services (EVs & E-bodas only), Last Mile Deliveries(Food and Parcels), Charging Network and Battery Swapping Stations (Including for other service providers), Charge Monitoring, Digital Billing Services and CO2e Quantifying.

E-Go Charging Network

Our Charging stations are using 100% solar power energy, Thus creating a complete green value chain. We host other EVs players in the industry, through intergrating our network with thier system thus creating robust products and service.We keep it green and so they do!

Her Go Delivery

Production and financing bikes for Female riders in last mile deliveries and on demand, thus making it affordable, women are at all times excluded from various indsutry to a point they belive they dont fit there. Her go is here with disruptive approach to the nome and fight for Gender Equality in e-mobility.

CO2e Offsetting

Through CO2e data Quantifying, We help the EV Player with data on thier project regarding CO2e, Thus giving credit where due. Many projects goes unnoticed beacuse they cant quantify thier impact. This will help the Goverment and counties in thier NDC and CO2 reports.

SDGs Contribution

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